On-site testings

No matter how carefully an installation is planned and executed, the unexpected might arise in practice and impede a transport of the test object for logistic or economic reasons. In such a case, we are happy to come to your premises and conduct the tests on-site. nsp Prüf- und Servicedienste even provides trained personnel for the work on off-shore installations.

Surface crack testings, ultrasonic wall-thickness measurements or ultrasonic testings of the inner material structure, video endoscopy, hardness tests, material analyses or pressure tests: Due to our mobile test equipment, we are able to offer our whole range of test procedures also as an on-site service. Naturally, we are flexible in our schedule planning. Upon request, we will deliver our results within hours to enable you to minimize the costs of business interruptions, machine downtime or interruption of production.

On-site testing of the chemical composition:
  • all CrNi-steels, Monel, Nimonic®, Hastelloy®
  • Inconel®, Stellite®
  • Aluminum base alloy
  • copper base alloy
  • cobalt base alloy
  • nickel base alloy
  • titan base alloy
  • other chemical compounds

Upon request, nsp Prüf- und Servicedienste will also perform tests that require the implementation of additional standards for the evaluation of defect sizes and/or material composition, in accordance with these standards.

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