Cleaning and Maintenance

Careful component cleaning

The professional and careful cleaning of the components is essential to the conduction of qualified testing or competent maintenance and certification. For a first assessment, soiled equipment or already disassembled parts will be subjected to a preliminary cleaning. This allows us to detect possible considerable defects and take appropriate action.

After that, the parts concerned are cleaned according to the standard and with appropriate methods. For this purpose, we have conventional electrical wire hand brushes at our disposal as well as a blasting cabinet, in which we can gently free the relevant testing sections from corrosion, paint and other coatings by glass bead blasting. Depending on testing requirements and customer requests, we can clean the whole equipment including all parts or merely specific areas like threads, gasket surfaces, weld seams, suspension points, possible damaged areas and more.

After cleaning the components and subjecting them to the respective testing and/or maintenance and repair work, we can offer you appropriate subsequent treatment. To complete our work, we offer the priming, painting, wax or oil coating or phosphating of your equipment – always, of course, ensuring maximum environmental protection.

Maintenance of equipment

Another part of our service is the maintenance of equipment. To ensure functionality and counteract increased wear, we will grease or oil the components even for smaller testing requirements with appropriate lubricants according to manufacturer specifications. With these measures, we contribute to the preservation of the components and a maximum of service life.

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