Components and devices

We deal with the different components and parts for you!

Conveying elements:
  • pipes, plumbing and steel hose
  • cross over / x-over, T-piece, arcs/bows etc.
  • manual and hydraulic shut-off device (u. a. gate-, choke- and plugvalves)
  • manifolds
  • HD-hoses
  • etc.
Safety elements:
  • manual and hydraulic BOPs
  • wellhead assembly
  • reset relief valves
  • Kelly Cocks
  • inside preventer
  • IBOPs
  • etc.
Lock equipment:
  • Lubricatoren
  • stuffing boxes
  • x-over
  • BOPs
  • etc.
  • rotary tongs
  • rotary- and drill collar slips
  • elevator bail
  • lifting hooks
  • elevators and power slips (manual, hydraulic and pneumatic)
  • spider (manual, hydraulic and pneumatische)
  • etc.

We offer a wide range of testings, certification and maintenance for this and further equipment. We are constantly expanding our services to the oil and gas sector.

Together we will find the right solution, please contact us.

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