We do not know anything about problems, we only know solutions!

Our good service is backed by an excellent team. But even they can only perform at their best under optimal working conditions. For this purpose, we created a working environment that allows for effective and time-saving working without neglecting the health and safety protection as well as the interests of our employees.

In addition to the appropriate tools, our specialists are provided with work places and machinery equipped for a wide range of applications: from disassembly and assembly auxiliary devices and special cleaning facilities to hydraulic presses, (hydraulic) screw jacks and hydraulic screwing units. Subsequently, our working spaces are perfectly equipped to meet your requirements.

To ensure optimal workflow and to prevent mutual interference, we have partitioned our workshop into white and black working areas. This allows for pretesting, disassembling and cleaning operations to be conducted without affecting the rework (assembly process, conservation, painting work), let alone the specific inspections and testings. Therefore, we can largely exclude the danger of contamination of testing areas or sensitive component parts.

Nevertheless, we are constantly working on optimization and we use our experience in cooperation with our employees to improve the working spaces, working conditions and auxiliaries. This ensures that we can continue to meet your requirements effectively and efficiently in the future.

Details at a glance:

  • Hydraulic power unit with a force of up to 100,000 ft/lbs of controlled screw momentum, with a diagram, if required
  • Hydraulic press with a force of up to 60 t, tensile strength tests with forces of up to 5 t
  • Glass bead blasting chamber for a special cleaning which is gentle to the material
  • approx. 1000 m² of working and storage space plus a partly roofed outdoor storage sit

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