Initial and recurrent tests

Visual testing (VT) DIN EN 13018
  • through visual inspection
  • through gauging
  • through dimensional check

In association with DIN EN ISO17637; DIN EN ISO 5817; SIN EN ISO 17635; DIN EN ISO 6520-1


Videoendoscopy (VT) DIN EN 1330-10
  • documentable with picture taking and videography

Example: inside pipe and pipeline inspection up to 20 m length/depth


Surface crack detection
  • through dye penetrant testing (PT) DIN EN ISO 3452

In association with DIN EN ISO 5817; DIN EN ISO 17635; DIN EN ISO 17637 DIN EN ISO 23277; DIN EN ISO 3059; DIN EN 1371 ASTM E165/E165M-12

  • through magnetic particle inspection (MT) DIN EN ISO 9934

In association with EN ISO 3059; EN ISO 9934-1 bis 9934-3; DIN EN 10228-1; DIN EN ISO 17638; DIN EN ISO 23278; DIN EN 1369; ASTM E709-14

  • through eddy-current inspection (ET) DIN EN ISO 15549

In association with DIN EN ISO 15548; DIN 54140-3


Volume inspection
  • volume inspection through ultrasonic testing (UT) DIN EN ISO 16810

In association with DIN EN ISO 2400; DIN EN ISO 7963; DIN EN 12668, DIN EN ISO 11666; DIN EN ISO 17640; DIN EN ISO 23279; DIN EN 10160

  • wall thickness measurement through ultrasonic testing (UT) DIN EN 14127

In association with EN 583-2 ; EN 1330-4


Pressure testing
  • through hydrostatic test
  • documentable through computer diagram to 2500 bar

In association with Druckgeräte Richtlinie 97/23/EG; EN 1330-8 ; EN 1779

Tests which make other standards necessary for the assessment of errors and / or material can be taken care of by us.


vtVisual analysis (VT)

ptSurface crack detection through dye penetrant testing (PT)

mtSurface crack detection through magnetic particle inspection (MT)

etSurface crack detection through eddy-current inspection (ET)

utVolume inspection through ultrasonic (UT)

ltLeakproofness test through water pressure test (LT)

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